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The pre-marital screening program, funded by KACST, aims at providing accurate and low cost test for individuals or prospective couples to determine the risk of having a child with a genetic disorder. The test is based on a custom SNP-array designed to harbor the extra Saudi-specific variations.

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Collection Centers

The Ministry of Health will provide a number of collection centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The centers will collect the samples and the processing will take place in the central screening lab of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST).

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Mission & Vision

The vision is to be a world-leader in running large scale per-marital screening program for inherited disorders. The mission is to significantly reduce the number of cases affected by inherited disorders, using up to date technologies and efficient genetic counsling.

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More accurate than ever

Pre-Marital Screening SNP Arrays

A custom SNP-array has been designed to screen for disease variants in Saudi individuals. The SNP array is based on Affymetrix technology. It includes well known inherited disease mutations in addition to Saudi specific ones.

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A modern high performance computational infrastructure  has been established in KACST to serve the program needs. The related software controls sample management, data analysis, and dissemination of results.

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Premarital Screening in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • The Start

    Setup of a lab capable of processing 300 thousand samples a year

  • Robots based Automation

    Validation including robot-based automation accomplished for more than 10,000 samples

For Clinicians

Diseases Discovery using SNP Arrays

Screening Tests

We provide tests for individuals and for couples. Individual Tests are for one individual to identify carrier status for each genomic variants. Tests for couple goes one step further and compute the risk of having children affected with inherited disorders.

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For Individuals

The biggest Saudi genome Repository

Order a Test

Individuals or couples can order the test by admitting to one of the collection centers related to the Ministry of Health. Individuals can select the type of test and subscribe to the portal for reception of the results and additional information.

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